#NADAConnect is a structured communication programme developed to help dealerships improve their sales, processes and profitability. The Programme is a calendar of interventions for dealership personnel and industry stakeholders to discuss dealership performance both face-to-face, and through the digital communication environment. The programme has been running successfully for 8 years with the generous support of our Sponsors who commit their expertise, resources and funding to the programme.

Annual Conference

The NADA conference is recognised as the premier annual event for the automotive retail industry. It’s a pivotal occasion with global and local industry thought leaders sharing insights and fostering collaboration in the ever- evolving automotive sector.


Regular NADA Roadshows bring the latest automotive insights, trends, and industry connections to regions across the country, making valuable networking and knowledge-sharing accessible to a broader audience of automotive professionals.

Business Of The Year Awards

In association with MSX International, the MSXi BOTY Awards recognise dealership excellence. As the only OEM independent performance measure, these awards are coveted among the dealerships.

Video Webinars / Podcasts

Bite-sized coffee break videos and podcasts on current insights, best practices, and industry updates. These online sessions empower participants with valuable knowledge and skills.


A valuable balanced programme of social media and email content distributed regularly to the automotive dealers

The NADA Resource Centre

A user-friendly and searchable database of information and articles on this site.

Sponsor Resource Centre

Our Sponsors are the industry leaders in their field. By following them you can access detailed reviews related to their areas of expertise.