National Automobile Dealers’ Association

More About NADA

The National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) is a professional body representing the interests of business persons who own, operate and manage new passenger and commercial vehicle franchise motor dealerships and qualifying used vehicle only outlets in South Africa.

NADA is committed toward enhancing the image of the retail motor business; facilitating the interface between dealers and the motor manufacturers and importers who supply them; building rewarding relationships between dealers and their customers; and bringing relevant issues facing its members to the attention of government at all levels.

In all forums, NADA is the fully representative and respected voice of the retail motor industry in South Africa.

NADA is one of 8 Constituent Associations of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) and has affiliations with a number of similar organisations worldwide.

The RMI is the largest employers’ and business representative organisation in the South African retail motor industry.

With dealer members representing the various motor vehicle brands countrywide, NADA operates through a structure of member-elected regional and national committees.

The NADA National Executive Committee and NADA Motor Retailers’ Forum develops strategies, policies and activities which address the no competitive issues impacting dealers’ business operations.



As one of the major constituent associations of RMI, NADA and its members are strong supporters of the RMI’s Code of Conduct. Customers are encouraged to patronise only the RMI/NADA member establishments and members undertake, in turn, to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices. If customers do have complaints which cannot be rectified by the management of the company with whom they have been dealing, they are encouraged to take the matter up with the RMI Complaints Committee which will then independently investigate the situation and resolves the dispute to the satisfaction of all parties.


At regular meetings, the NADA executive reviews topical trends and developments which have impact on retail motor vehicle traders, establishes its position on them and decides what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome for NADA members and their customers. Some of the current issues and NADA’s position on them include:

From a customer’s point of view, dealer viability has become more and more important in recent years, If a dealer does not achieve sensible margins between his costs and the selling price of vehicles, he is unable to make the necessary investment in his service facilities to ensure good after sales backup to his customers. With the reduction of protective tariffs and other pressures, NADA has a focused endeavour to keep dealer margins practical and encourages members to reinvest in areas which provide after sales service and support to the owners of the products they sell.

NADA regularly examines the structure of the dealer agreements between motor manufacturers and their franchisees to ensure the even handling of the relation- ship between the two.