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What Used EVs Are Really Worth?

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A race is underway to certify the health and performance of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Startup companies such as UK-based Altelium, are pioneering tests to determine the true value of secondhand EVs, as traditional metrics like mileage and age are inadequate for these vehicles. Altelium is set to launch an EV battery state-of-health test in thousands of U.S. and UK car dealerships. The battery’s treatment is crucial, with rapid charging and full charges potentially degrading it. Aviloo, an Austrian startup, found that after 100,000 kilometers, EV battery health can vary by up to 30%. Accurate assessment is crucial, as the battery comprises 40% of a new EV’s price. This development is vital for the growth of the used EV market and the overall transition to electric vehicles.

Source: Reuters 23 Oct 2023

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